December 9th, 2010

Puppet Team (Angel)

Last Minutes

The first disc of the Lord of the Rings compilation is pretty much set, I just have a little tweaking to do here and there to finalize it. The second disc is taking shape (this will definitely be a two-disc set). Yes, it only took me a month to be almost halfway done, but I am also very, very pleased with the results I've been getting. This project has required me to use every trick I know and to invent quite a few new ones in order for me to accomplish what I'm hoping to. The music from The Lord of the Rings is very special to me on several different levels, and I am hoping to make the experience of listening to this album an expression of what these scores, these films and these books mean to me. For that reason, I expect the accompanying entry will take quite a while to articulate.

In a previous entry I had lamented that between the original soundtrack albums and the Complete Recordings that the best track titles were already taken, but this concern really only lasted until I started using the book itself as a source to draw from. Instead of trying to come up with some horrible thesaurus-style replacement of "Prologue: One Ring To Rule Them All," "The Prophecy" or "The History of the Ring" (from the analogous sequence in Leonard Rosenman's score), my edit of the opening can be called "The Wells of Deep Memory" (a reference to Galadriel, who does, after all, narrate the prologue). Tolkien's text is so rich with such phrases that I've had to take some of the tracks I'd established and come up with better names for them.

As for a title for the whole project, well, I've settled on that as well. Sort of.

Inception on Blu-ray is awesome! It's a fantastic transfer of a film that's designed to look nice to begin with, and the sound is really explosive!! The movie improves with subsequent viewings because you know what the rules are!!! Great fun!!!! Yes, I'm being paid by the NBOEP (National Bureau for the Overuse of Exclamation Points)!!!!!!
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