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I watched the Charlie Rose interview of Michael Moore on the Bowling for Columbine DVD.

At one point in the interview, Moore turns the questioning around and asks Rose an incisive question (whether he felt more safe at the time of the interview than he had right after September 11th). Rose didn't handle it well, and it would appear that he is better at asking probing things than answering them.

I have already composed by September 11th entry. It is very polarized, politically. I am not certain whether or not it is appropriate. It is a memoriam, not so much for the dead, than for democracy and fair government in the United States of America. It compares what would have happened if Al Gore, the rightful President, had been in office rather than George W. Bush. It may be informative to those who are not quite as aware of things. It is extremely partisan, but I believe that to be appropriate to the event considering how Bush and his coven of evil have used September 11th to foist upon the people of the Unites States an ultra-conservative (almost fascist) agenda.

It may soon be sedition for me to write these things. I find that unacceptable, yet the Bush administration are holding the souls of 3,000 people over those who would ask what, in fact, they are doing. Destroying our economy and fouling our environment, rallying us to a war that makes no sense, and insisting on continuing to speak his bullshit party line despite the fact that he has been proven wrong on most accounts.

I am debating whether it is correct to post what I have written for that day because, even though the Bush Administration has used the World Trade Center attack to further their own dark purposes, it is still a huge tragedy.

If anybody has any comments on whether I should or should not do this, I have been preparing an alternative entry that outlines my experiences that day (I was going to a funeral when the planes hit) that may be a bit more conventional. I worry that silence on the political issues, however, may be exactly what they want.

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