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Bantha Poo Doo (Star Wars Fest 2005 Continues)

It's really strange to think that within forty-eight hours, I will have seen the sixth and final Star Wars film. It's even stranger to think that it might even actually be good. I've been screening the "Battle of the Heroes" trailer from the DVD that came with the soundtrack album for the guys at work. I haven't gotten tired of it myself. Star Wars Fest 2005 has made me reflect on the trilogies, their effect on me over the years and the buttons they push. I mean, when I watch the original film (A New Hope or whatever), I am seven years old again. Empire appeals to a much more adult area in me, which is something that neither Jedi nor the prequel trilogy entries have followed up on... but it looks as though that is going to be the ultimate reward of Revenge of the Sith.

"Does anybody have a cigarette?"

The TV spots for it proclaim "Sith Happens," so you know George Lucas didn't have anything to do with the ad campaign.

* * *

"Holy Shite," proclaimed the headline of the Post today. It's okay for neoconservatives to play fast and loose with language like that, but heaven forfend anybody else does...
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