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He has finally proven beyond the shadow of a doubt that he can fuck up anything. All right, we already knew that Hayden Christiansen has severe limitations on his range and that Natalie Portman looks nice but can't act her way out of a plastic bag (but we can dream that one day she'll try)... and we also knew that Lucas has a chronic case of The Cutes contracted sometime between Empire and Jedi...

...but this is the first Star Wars movie I've ever come out of shrugging, "Eh." And I saw the fucker at the Ziegfield opening night. I didn't loathe it as much as suitboyskin did, though I do share all of his gripes about the film.

If I hadn't seen the Clone Wars episodes, I'd think that General Grievous was a pretty lame character. As it stands, he's a wholly worthless plot point, and I'd complain about him taking away from the Anakin storyline were it not for the fact that that plot advances in fits and starts.

Viewing any Star Wars movie involves a willing suspension of disbelief, and I'm okay with that. My taste for the fantastic should prove that. I just found myself rolling my eyes too often at some of what Lucas felt he needed to do for continuity's sake.

The movie wasn't really much of anything. It didn't outright suck, in my opinion, but it did smell rather funny. It was visually astounding (the digital projection system has much improved since the ugly looking Attack of the Clones), but it definitely felt as though Lucas was going through the motions. There was no feeling behind the film, as there was in the first two prequels, misguided as they were.

I tried to like it. I really did. But this movie was just too mediocre even to make me hate it.

I can't believe it's been getting such good reviews, too...

John Williams' score is excellent, and the soundtrack album is a pretty good representation of what's in the film, it seems. That said, I was quite annoyed by the oafish re-tracking of music from The Phantom Menace into the film (which was so jarring even people who aren't into film music seem to have noticed). In fact, I would say that the score is the single best element of the film. Unfortunately, another casualty of the cutting process was the elimination of the concert arrangement of "The Throne Room" from the end credits, although the Force theme is heard as part of the excerpt from "Battle of the Heroes" heard in the film. there it is then.
(possible spoilers)

In order to keep my day off from being a complete wastes, I also went and got my Sony car stereo put into The Bronze Mist. I had them plug a Y connector into the auxiliary input in the back and extended the 1/8 inch plug through a small hole in the hollow underneath so I can plug my Nomad into it. The only problem is that I wished the guy had given me more slack, but that's something I can fix for myself.
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