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Fire in the Hole

I now know why so many cops are such ornery bastards. Our friends Jessica and Paul threw a Memorial Day barbecue at their apartment on 21 Street yesterday. They have an outdoor patio, and across the street is a police station. On one of the floors of said police station was being conducted some sort of class for about twenty cadets.

Our generous hosts

Now, if I had to go to work on Memorial Day, I'd be pretty pissed, too. It must have been really horrible for them to have a perfect example of what they want to be doing instead happening right out the window all day long. They would periodically heckle at us... until, of course, their instructor entered the room and they had to stand at attention and pretend to ignore us. The more fun we had, the angrier they were at us. Things got even more funny when the DJ showed up.

So, I'm not saying that they should be shoving toilet plungers up peoples' asses... but I understand...

As usual for a Paul and Jessica event, the food was first-rate. It was a pretty nice night... until Mad Miguel pulled a Bad Migeul (pronounced m&-gül) and ended up crashing at Paul's (Douchebag will be so happy to know this), leaving Dan and I to take the subway to my home (not too bad) and me to drive Dan all the way to fargin' Lindenhurst. I got very very little sleep last night.

Myself, Mad Mike, Paul and Ryan "Douchebag"
at the latter's wedding in the Bahamas
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