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Temper Fi

I do have something of a temper, although in the past it hasn't been as easily triggered as it has been of late. This has led to occasional rashes of inexplicable anger, but nothing of the scale and inappropriateness of yesterday. I got myself lost in Rockland and got incensed, and for some reason felt the need to vent on Tim, who certainly didn't deserve any ire. It took me half the day to contain my fury, probably because it wasn't really directed at anything specific.

It would appear that there are times when I am unable to control my behavior. This is a pretty disturbing situation, especially considering how everything played out yesterday; I found myself striking out at people who I had no reason to. I would love to take back what happened yesterday, but the best I could do was apologize to Tim and express my disgust with my own actions. To my great relief, he accepted my apology when he had every right not to.

The really sad thing is that I know why this happened, and have know idea what to do about it.
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