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First day of the new system...

While I am ecstatic about having my own laptop, its primary purpose is work-related, of course. I downloaded my jobs and dispatched myself on them this morning. Everything went quite smoothly, but I now have to grudgingly admit that the dispatchers have a difficult job. Field technicians need certain information (contacts, facilities, point of demarcation, etc.) in order to do a repair, and that information is spread out over several screens. It really is difficult to find stuff if you don't know what you're looking for.

On the other hand, I got a lot more information than I would have from a reading from dispatch anyway. For example, the word document has notes about what subframe the cable is on, which helps me because I know which floor of the central office to call when testing the underground cables. I also can see how the circuit is mapped, which gives me a better picture as to what is going on in the C.O. This means that I can sometimes trace down the source of an issue even if it is on the inside. While technically beyond the responsibilities of a field tech, may be useful in the nuts-and-bolts of just getting the circuit up and running again for the customer. The most useful aspect of getting my work myself, however, is hands down the ability I now have to access the circuit history, the value of which is astronomical.
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