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Anatomical Whoopsie

In a previous class I had drawn a silhouette of a guy holding a gun. Since I didn't have a large felt-tip pen, I filled him in with my ball-point pen. This caused depressions on the page.

In my current class, I was taking notes on the next page. A woman sitting next to me was giving my book dirty looks. I didn't understand why until I realized that this page also had the depressions from the previous one, only without the ink, it followed the contours of the pen strokes, not the picture itself.

I had a bass-relief model, on my notebook page, of a vulva. I don't mean it kind of looked like a vulva. I mean that it was anatomically accurate. That's what she found shocking. I did too, once I realized it.

I suppose I should have a flippant remark about this, but I don't. It's just weird.
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