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I drove in to work today...

I know that sounds like a fairly normal occurance for those of you that live in those other, inferior cities, but it's actually a big deal in New York. Manhattan is a small island, built on vertically, and parking is a bitch. We also do have one of the best mass-transit infrastructures in the world. As much as I complain about the MTA, one can also say that it is a miracle that they can move as many people a day as they do.

Every once in a great while, however, I just don't feel like going through the whole subway experience. This was the case today, and so I lazily got myself mounted for a nice, air-conditioned drive. Of course, every psychotic bus driver in the city felt the sudden urge to intercept me, but I'm like Han Solo and shit.

Adtran is the company that makes our single-pair T-1 cards. There are two types of cards in common usage, one for the smartjack (which is where we hand the circuit off to the customer, and allows us to test) the other is for the repeater bay of the fiberobtic multiplexer (MUX), which can either be located in the central office or in the building basement. They're pretty good.

As it turns out, the boxes that the cards come in make the perfect size mailers for CDs. I usually recycle mailers that were sent to me from Screen Archives or the like, but I ran out before preparing the package for jenvargas, so I had to improvise. It was amazing how perfectly they slid into place.

Experts choose Adtran!

My co-workers all think I'm a cheapskate for doing this, though...
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