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Friday's Friday Bust

After work Dre and I went to Fridays as we are wont to do. I felt a bit peckish for their half-price appetizers and wouldn't say no to at just one margarita, especially if Sammy made it (no, aerolyndt, they're not in the same class as Mijarres, but they are refreshing on a warm day). When we got there, we saw the manager, one of the waitresses, one of the cooks and some guy standing in a tight circle by the door. It definitely felt awkward walking through this knot, which was strange because we know all these people... except some guy. We sat down and got the story.

It turns out that some guy came in there with two women an hour or so before. They racked up a bill in the neighborhood of $120, and had hoped to just skip out. The two women left, and the guy casually tried to follow them. He was stopped by Elena (the waitress mentioned before, and, more importantly, his waitress) who asked him where he was going with an unpaid check. He tried to pay with a credit card that was declined and wasn't even his.

He spent about an hour on the phone unsuccessfully trying to hit up people for money. In the meantime, Sammy recognized him. He had done this at least once before. After it became apparent that he was just waiting for the restaurant to get busier so he could try to sneak out again, the manager confronted him and asked him what he was planning to do about paying his substantial bill. He got belligerent, and the police were called. He got belligerent with them, too.

If he couldn't pay his Friday's check, then I'm reasonably certain he's not going to make any bail. As I write this, he's probably making friends with his new cellmate, the big hairy one who says he strangled Oakland and doesn't mean it as a sports euphemism.* I'm actually amused to wonder if this guy would go past Tim at the jail... hmmm...


Wow. I never thought it would happen. There's no way that they are not going to put on an awesome show, though. The ticket prices are going to be so obnoxious.


* Tell me somebody got this reference! Come on...

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