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Not much to say...

The weather was beautiful and so I took a nice, long walk. I actually managed to get some stuff done on this walk, so it was productive as well as refreshing. I walk a lot, but usually it's at work, so even if the sun isn't beating down on me, I'm still carrying a heavy equipment-filled backpack.

I've been making a lot of mellow posts lately owing as to the fact that there isn't much heavily weighing on me at the moment. My job doesn't generate too much stress anymore. From time to time I might get stymied on a job, but I always manage to figure the hard ones out eventually. I have a car again, so I can hang out more and get more stuff done. While there are things ahead of me right, for the most part I feel that I've gotten through enough these last few years that it's nothing I can't handle.

Sure, there are frustrations, but there are also comedy scores from 1981 being released all of a sudden. And there's nothing in life too horrible that the march from Stripes doesn't lighten the mood a little bit, no?
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