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Lousy day at work

...but at least I got myself two hours of overtime. Frank better not bitch at me about it or I'll have my steward rip his nuts off, barbecue them and make Frank eat them. I was planning to pick up my apartment a bit, which has been getting a bit cluttered of late, but most likely once I get home I shall stand in front of my bed and it will come up and hit me in the face.

Next month I'm taking an out-of-tour shift, four to midnight. I'm not sure exactly what this will do to my social life, but its going to be a bigger paycheck what with the night differential, and I'm feeling the bigger paycheck. The tour lasts three months. It'll be an interesting change of pace, that's for sure (my next out-of-tour shift may be years from now).

I should be getting my first shipment from Netflix tonight. Thus far, Dave and rhakka have been added to my friends list, and I've been getting a whole bunch of recommendations from Dave, all of which I've added to my now-voluminous cue save for The Great White Hype, and that's only because I have a copy of the film lent me by suitboyskin that is sitting, as yet unwatched, in my apartment. I've only made one recommendation to them, Mountains of the Moon, but I'm going to start going through the catalog and start pointing championing the movies I like but are a bit out-of-the-way (let's see who likes Paul Cox's Man of Flowers). What finally convinced me to do the whole Netflix thing was that Dre has it, and he would just drop the DVDs in the mailbox at our hole. It was too easy not to try.

I've been listening to FSM's release of David Shire's score from Farewell My Lovely fairly often lately. It's a perfect companion piece to Jerry Goldsmith's Chinatown.
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