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And now for some west and wewaxation...

FSM & Me

Last week the Film Score Monthly website ran a interesting letter from David Wyeth on their "Film Score Friday" column. He discussed how film music has recently been becoming more accepted in certain circles, but how it is still not given much credit from much of the musical cognescenti. Because this is a topic that truly interests me, I wrote a response, which was run in this week's edition of the column.

"I hate it when I fart in the car."

Raz, Dan and I went to see Batman Begins in IMAX last night. Like Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, the image is not cropped to fill the IMAX screen, but rather matted to about a 2.1:1 aspect ratio, almost identical to the dimensions of a 70 millimeter blow-up print, only it's in IMAX, so it's much more detailed (and louder to boot). It was pretty impressive.

Seeing the film again was very rewarding. One of the main advantages to seeing a film the second time is that without having to follow the plot, one can pay more attention to the peripheral details, and the gargantuan IMAX screen is the perfect way to observe them.

More Ecology

suitboyskin and I have been catching snippets of conversation piecemeal at extreme ends of each other's schedules. It is therefore surprising how much work we've managed to get done in terms of structuring the new draft's third and final act. The synergy is definitely flowing, for neither of us seems to need to explain terribly much to the other, it's just a matter of running with it. We're always on the same page.
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