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Addio a Fulton Street

Last night, Lester Swing (check out their new website) played the soon-to-no-longer-be-a-bar Fulton Street Pub in Farmingdale. I hadn't seen them for a while, and their set rocked. A lot of the new music, post Themusicalbum, is a lot dirtier than what they'd done before, and it is the perfect sound for the band. They're much tighter than they've ever been. They also did an acoustic set, which their former guitarist Charlie came up and did with them, which was really cool. I hadn't seen him since forever.

Because Fulton Street was closing, they were given carte blanche to decorate the place, and it's a shame they'll never play there again because the stage setup (with the exception of the smoke machine, more on that in a moment) was really cool, and they had a sick lightshow attached (Jerry lamented that they turned into Pink Floyd for this performance only). Kim had a tapestry that we couldn't figure out what to do with but was too cool not to use... until Tim came up with the idea of putting it on the ceiling, allowing some lights to shine through it. The effect was pretty exotic.

I was helping Dan out in the DJ booth. All I really did was check the sound, advise him on transitions and provide albums for him from time to time. He ended up using my copies of Iggy and the Stooges' Raw Power and Fun House, his own mix A Bunch of Jerk-offs which I happened to have in my car, and, most surprisingly, my Morricone compilation Gun and Sun to start his post-band set off with. Dan got the idea from the Black Crowes and I take absolutely no responsibility for that choice whatsoever.

Most of what Dan played, however, was on vinyl. Once again, I lament that the digital babies will rarely ever know the presence that it has. Dan was playing both CDs and wax, and the wax was fuller every time. Vinyl is all about amplification, and it fills up a space better than any other medium. CDs have a tendency to reveal their limitations after a certain decibel level, but an LP keeps sounding better the louder you make it. And Dan was playing the music loud.

Okay, the smoke machine. The smoke machine, it seems, was a late addition to the production. As a result, it was placed where it was because there was room for it there on the stage instead of because it is a good place to put a smoke machine. It was right behind John, and for the first couple of songs, it looked like John was the only one who paid for his smoke. There was a lot of smoke billowing out, but it was only around him. On the other hand, I had to take one of the cameras from Jay for a few songs, and I got some shots of John that looked like the cover of a live album... or something that an 80s hair metal band might have put in one of their videos. It was pretty funny.


What kind of shoe are you?

I won't take this other quiz because I refuse to have anything to do with the complete retardedness that is Astrology, but there is a pretty funny Alcohoroscope I've seen on other people's blogs, if you're into that sort of thing (and shame on you if you are).

My stepfather and brother have been fencing for the past several months. I've been meaning to join them, and today they have open bouts. For the first time in thirteen years, I shall try my hand once more at the sword. Let's see if it is as much fun as I remember it. 'Cause I remember it being very fun (so long as you protect your balls, which is target area in foil, especially from short girls like aerolyndt* who are well-known for their scrotum kebab - not that it was malicious, its just that's the height of the point of the blade when they're extended in lunge position and it sure looked like it hurt, so I went out and bought a cup that evening).

You may want to lock your doors. While I aspire to the above, I may end up looking like the below...

...but, like, you know... fatter.

Okay, I promise to keep my shirt on.

* This is not a sexist comment. Short guys just never skewer other guys' balls.
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