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Epee fencers touch all over

Fencing was awesome. I'm very eager to go back, which will probably be on Thursday. While I'm going to start with foil, which was what I originally trained in, I'm also rather interested in epee and sabre, and they offer beginners classes in everything. Interestingly, I found quite a bit coming back to me today, a lot about right of way (a concept which continues to confound my brother, I found), a lot about form and attack. It was a great experience, and I had a whole lot of fun. It is also nice to have an activity that my brother and stepdad have so much interest in. Of course, it was Steve who got me interested in fencing in the first place, so it follows that he would get me back into it years later. And Zach whines like a bitch, but he clearly has fun.

aerolyndt, they now have these digital score counters (with very convenient remote controls, though the button legends were in French) that would have made life so much easier for us directing bouts in Roginski's class.

* * *

Mom made fajitas for dinner, and Steve, as usual, made the guacamole. He screwed it up by switching the paprika bottle with one of the cayenne pepper bottles. The results were delicious, however. Even Zach, who gets a little touchy with spicy food, found it to be a distinct improvement over Steve's normal guacamole.

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