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Good morning...

Well, my late night on Sunday/early Monday made me quite tired yesterday, and I ended up going to bed quite early. My apologies if you attempted to reach me, suitboyskin, you weren't the only one...

I am not an insomniac. In fact, quite the opposite. I work for the phone company, I can sleep pretty much anywhere, anytime and in almost any position.

Photo Blues

On Sunday, megthelegend asked to see a photo of me, and I just got an e-mail from a person who is throwing a party in late July, and has requested photos of the people she's invited. There just aren't too many pictures of me. I don't have any icons of myself not so much because I'm hiding behind the other icons (many of the people on my Friends list know me anyway), but rather because there aren't too many pictures out there of me. I don't have an aversion to being photographed, but it just doesn't happen very often, and when there is a camera around, I'm usually the one who is using it. There are a myriad of self-caricatures I've drawn over the years, but for the most part they are like pretty much anything else I've drawn, once I'm done having drawn it, I'm done with it.

Because it is not my intention to make my appearance a mystery to people who read this, I direct you to this photograph of me with my mother and brother the night before the Bar Mitzvah of the latter, if you care. I'm the one on the middle.
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