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Hammacher Shlemmemmemmer

My mother called me last night at around 5:30 to ask me if I knew where the Hammacher Schlemmer store was. I was in Friday's at the time, which is right around the corner from there. It turns out that she wanted me to pick up a bedside lamp for her, and she gave me the information. I then found out that the fucker was $169. I figured I didn't want to lug a nearly $200 lamp home on my subway, so I drove in today to pick it up. Dinner with the family tonight, then, hopefully, another one of these fine Netflix selections.

Interestingly, while I left the house fairly late, I made record time to work today, mostly because I've been trying alternate routes for several bottleneck areas (Van Damme Street and Third Avenue in particular), and have found a rather swift way from my apartment to my hole.

I listened with great enthusiasm to John Barry's Zulu again. I can't believe how much more detail is revealed in the stereo version that I picked up a few months ago. The percussion alone made the purchase worth it, but it also lays bare more of the cutting brass that Barry did so well in the sixties. I've also been listening to The Swarm, an excellent example of why I love Jerry Goldsmith's music even if the film he wrote it for sucks monkey nuts.
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