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Last Day

This marks the last day of work before I start the night tour on Tuesday. I got some advice from some people on what the 4-12 is all about, and I'm pretty psyched. Sure, it's going to be weird hours, but most of the time there isn't much work past 8 or 9 o'clock, and I'll already be in Manhattan. It's not like I won't find ways to amuse myself.

An AIM conversation with aerolyndt a few days ago made me reflect upon the great love I have for this city. Often people mention that as a filmmaker, I would be better off in California*, and my response to them is always, "And leave New York?" There is just so much going on here at all times, so much available, so many possibilities.

When I drive into Manhattan, I love to take the Queensborough Bridge not so much because it's free but because the view of the city from the upper roadway is still one of the most breathtaking I've ever seen, and I've seen that view all of my life. In a way, it encompasses the human condition with all of its contradictions, representing both the apex and nadir of what people can accomplish.

And because this is my journal...

Some Top New York Movies:
In alphabetical order

A Bronx Tale
Do the Right Thing
Donnie Brasco
The French Connection
The Godfather
King Kong
(the 1933 original, with the Empire State Building in its prime)
The Lost Weekend
Men In Black
and Spider-Man 2
The Taking of Pelham One Two Three
Taxi Driver
The Warriors
West Side Story

* I actually doubt this. California is awash with filmmakers. Everybody and their brother has a screenplay. While the industry is based there it doesn't follow to me that I'd be any more successful there, especially considering that I'd be one among millions, instead of one among thousands.
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