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More junque

Star Wars Meme by sailor_phobos
1st 2 Ltrs of 1stname + Last 3 Ltrs of last name
1st 2ltrs of moms last name+Last 3ltrs of city brn
Sith or JediSith
Skin ColorGreen
Eye ColorRed
Light Saber ColorPurple
How close you are to switching sides: 33%
You're Random Star Wars Quote:That's no moon. It's a space station.
Your Padawan (if you're a jedi)neurotic_jen
Your apprentice (if you're a sith)montyy0
You're Masterjenvargas
Quiz created with MemeGen!

Star Wars FOE Meme by kburne1
You are a...Imperial Official
You live onKylos B
Force AbilityYes
The End --Got torn apart by a wookie
Quiz created with MemeGen!

Another Star Wars Meme by sayaka
Home Planet
The Force?
Lightsaber MakeOne blade
Lightsaber ColorPurple
Padawan/Apprentice To Bedawn_pillsbury
Quiz created with MemeGen!

STAR WARS: What are you? by kmoo6
Your Race:Gotal
Your Job:Planetary Idiot
Favorite Saying:Out of my way Goldenrod.
If your Genitalia were a Ship....Dreadnought- Enormous, but old
Times you couldnt find your pants!801
Quiz created with MemeGen!

If LJ was Star Wars by orrostar
I would beJar Jar Binks
Chewbacca would be played byaerolyndt
Han Solo would be played bypnuttiness
The Emperor would be played byjenvargas
Darth Vader would be played byamorpoeta
Jabba the Hutt would be played bymike_kenshin
Boba Fett would be played byojosmarrones
Quiz created with MemeGen!

I woke up way too early today, so nobody else is awake except megthelegend, and she doesn't have AIM, so I'm all alone here. I won't be waking this early for a while once my new shift starts.

Tim and Patsy are bringing Sally to meet whosamama on Sunday. I haven't seen Sally (or Tim or Patsy for that matter) in a month, which for Tim has to comprise some sort of record of recent years. We're also planning on doing some hanging on Sunday.

I helped mom set up her whosamama account on Thursday, but she has yet to post either an entry or a comment. I think she's waiting for me to show her the more specific ins and outs of it first, as on Thursday she was in no condition to post. Part of her reason for starting a blog is to attempt to bury the hatchet with her mother-in-law, which is a laudable goal if, in my opinion, a bit pointless. She's doing it for Steven.
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