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First day of the new shift...

...and I must say that there is a major advantage to coming into Manhattan between 3 and 4 o'clock; there are plenty of seats on the train and it never gets too crowded.

There also seems to be much, much less pressure on the field techs from the office jobs, whether it be managers (although, to be fair, Frank had been very amenable of late), testers or dispatchers. It is simply accepted that things work much slower in the evenings than they do during the daytime.

I will have to alter my sleeping schedule somewhat. This will make it easier for me to work with both suitboyskin and aerolyndt, albeit for different reasons (the former tends to work nights, the latter is in California, three hours ago).

Rental Queue

I returned For A Few Dollars More to Netflix and should be getting Medium Cool soon, a film I'd heard of but have never seen. It stars Robert Forster (Max Cherry in Jackie Brown and Captain Dan Holland in The Black Hole) and was shot around the 1968 Democratic National Convention because director Haskell Wexler knew that there would be riots going on. As a result, even though the story itself is fictional, the backdrop is a very, very real snapshot of a troubled time. It is supposed to be a classic of verité style, and I've been interested in seeing it every since I've heard of it. While it's been out on DVD for a while, my local video store would rather stock ten copies of a straight-to-video lame teen comedy rather than one copy of a film recognized as a postmodern fusion of narrative and documentary.

But it's right there on Netflix.

I'm really digging this.
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