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In my sleep-addled post from earlier today I free-associated into a quote from a movie as I am wont to do, in this case Repo Man. I then proceeded to forget that I made the post, only to notice it a few minutes ago when I hit "Recent" instead of "Friends" by accident on my bookmark toolbar.

When I made that post, I wasn't thinking about London at all (I didn't find out about London until after I made the post as my schedule is all bass ackwards right now), but I look at it now and see that it is in somewhat poor taste. I hope that the picture accompanying it and the fact that I was posting about not really being awake would clue people into the fact that my intention with the post was rather innocuous, but context is everything.

So my apologies to all who may have seen it and understandably drawn the conclusion that I was being callous and crude...

...and all my hopes to London. Hang in there...
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