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Lazy Day

Work Notes

It's wet and nasty outside, but again, nice and cozy in here. My jobs are no-goes again, which was nice because yesterday was a bit of a snafu. I had a job on a node. I don't know much about nodes, they're an Enterprise thing, and when I was originally working, I was in Wholesale. Now Special Services covers both, but I have never really learned how to use them. However, they feed from a mux, a technology I am intimate with. One of the testers was adamant that the node had crashed, and this was proven because the channel in the mux that it fed from had no continuity. He wanted me to get another Special Services tech out, but I sent it to HiTech to fix the mux. After all, how is the node going to work if the mux isn't?

Two of that customer's other muxes (Fujitsus to boot, which are pretty sturdy) went down as well today. That's evidence of a fiber failure.

It's nice to be proven right.

I'm working on a new project with aerolyndt, which is yielding some interesting directions. Ah, the modern age; two collaborations, one with a person in Boston, the other with a person in California. This is the way to network...

Newfangled Music Delivery System

While I haven't taken advantage of any of the movies I've brought with me just as yet, I've been catching up with John Williams balls-to-the-wall music for War of the Worlds. I kind of want to see the film now for the music alone (I'm into John Williams, but I'm really not into Steven Spielberg at all). It seems mostly non-thematic, sort of going all the way with the action setpieces that have been appearing in his previous work.

Somebody also posted a good-sounding bootleg of James Horner's cheesy-yet-catchy score from Commando . It's a cacaphony of steel drums, horns, electronics and saxophone. Very eighties. I'm loving it. Talk about guilty pleasures... while on first blush one might think think of "Remember when I said I'd kill you last? I lied," but on further consideration, what really comes through is "I can't believe all this macho bullshit!"

There is a Johnny Depp film festival over at the Brooklyn Academy of Music that Raz pointed out to me. There are a couple of films there that I'd love to see projected again, Dead Man and Ed Wood among the most prominent (I love black and white, dammit!!!). They're also showing The Ninth Gate, which is also a guilty favorite of mine.
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