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Yoinked from jenvargas:

Instructions: complete this survey and add a question at the end.

Have you ever:

* Hitchhiked? No
* Picked up hitchhikers? No
* Back-packed across a large distance? Yes
* Raced a train? No
* Slept in an airport? No
* Bathed in a public place? Yes
* Bathed in a river or stream? No
* How 'bout a fountain? A fountain?
* Hit a deer (or other wildlife)? No
* Accidentally driven on the wrong side of the road? No
* Turned the wrong way and ended up in another state? Yes
* Taken a spur-of-the-moment road trip with complete strangers? Good heavens, no!
* What percentage of your home country have you visited? 30%
* How many other countries (if any) have you visited? Which ones? Canada; hoping to change that soon!
* Have you traveled more for business or pleasure? Pleasure
* Where would you like to visit if money wasn't an object? (Name as many as you'd like) Italy, Hawaii, Spain, the British Isles, New Zealand, more of those little islands with gorgeous weather and stupid frozen fruity drinks.
* Would you rather travel somewhere warm or cool? Either
* If you could pick one person to accompany you on your next trip, who would you pick? I'd have to think about that... it depends on where I'd be going and why
* Do you think you'll ever 'settle down' somewhere? I'm settled. I'd like to travel, but New York is my home.
* Do you keep a change of clothes in your trunk with you all the time? No
* Do you know where your towel is? Yes. Yes I do
* What'd ya rather? Foot, Plane, Train or Automobile? Plane or automobile
Have you ever been somewhere so weird you just had to get the hell out? Yes
California 1 is an amazing drive. What you see there is simply breathtaking. We were travelling from San Francisco to Los Angeles* and at one point it became apparent that nobody had any cigarettes left (this was, of course, long before I quit smoking). We needed gas anyway, so we pulled off at a gas station.

As soon as we got out, it was apparent that this place was like the station in The Texas Chainsaw Massacre only with more traffic. We went into the store, and they didn't have cigarettes. We went into the bathroom, only to find loud clanging noises emanating from the toilet bowls which had no water in them. The station attendant noticed that there were guitars in the van and asked us if we were in a band.

But the one thing that truly convinced me that this place needed to be gotten the hell away from was the impatient honking coming from a compact car. Somebody had left there dog in the car.

The dog was honking the horn.

We got out of there before Rod Serling could show up and submit us for your consideration.

I'm still working with aeroyndt. In discussing the creative process, I said,
Art is a form of communication where the act is as important to the communicator as the message is to the communicated.
- Joshua Gizelt

Wow. That sounded so wise.

* For those who have heard my Cross Country mix, this corresponds to tracks 11 and 13, in case you're interested.
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