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LJ Maintenance

I've created a few LJ tags and I am in the process of retrofitting my journal to them. This is a tedious process, but it is interesting to be going through older entries. One of the most interesting aspects of the journal is that I discuss what is interesting me at the time as well as what is happening in my life. It's strange to see how differently I was percieving things even not so long ago.

Well, anyway the tagging is coming along. It should be a little easier once I get past the beginning of this year, when I had access to a computer every workday. At the moment, the only complete ones are for my mixes and the Movie Quote of the Week entries. I am also creating some based on topics, such as film music and cinema and whatnot... and for my own amusement, memes.

This is a superior system than the memorable entries for many reasons, chief among them is that it supports multiple certifications for an entry that can easily be cross-referenced from the entry.

I'll still be posting the mixes and the movie quotes to my memorable entries, but unless that feature suddenly develops new and interesting advantages, well...
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