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I hate it when customers ask me if I can do POTS lines...

...I'm a Special Services tech and there are very good reasons why we don't do each other's work, dammit!

I got a bead on my next mix. I've been working on it today, going through tracks on my Nomad and some new stuff. It's a follow-up to one of my previous discs. I don't know what to call it just as yet. I'm still collating tracks, but I expect to have it done this weekend. The fencing compilation has been placed on the back-burner until I have some sort of epiphany about how to handle it. Yes, waystone, this is the only thing currently holding back the package I'll be sending you soon.

Last night I picked up Angel where I left off before season five came out. I picked up in the third season from Holtz's return to the birth of Connor. I had another slow day at work tonight, so I amused myself with by watching more. I had forgotten the sequence of events immediately following. One of the episodes was "Birthday," which seemed like sort of a down-time episode when I first saw it, but is found to be a pivotal moment in the series as it develops. I love Skip.

Douchebag finally returned my copy of The Watchmen (I'm pretty sure that it is completely unread), and I'm debating re-reading it... it may take a while to re-read (I tend to savor it when I do) and what with Half-Blood Prince showing up. I don't want to rush through it. On the other hand, I just finished Smoke and Mirrors and am currently bookless. My solution: I have another anthology, this one of Orson Scott Card short stories, many of which I have still not read. Short stories work because... well... they're short.

I'm not used to having to plan out my reading material, which is strange because I do it with movie viewing and music listening all the time. Often I think in terms of window of opportunity. I once realized that there is a constant question everyone with a large collection of movies asks themselves every once and a while. As embarrassing as it is, everything sometimes boils down to the question "What have I got that's short?"
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