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I saw the new Fujitsu Flashwave 4100 fiberoptic multiplexer at a job site today. I'd heard of these when the Adtran vendor had come over to give us a lecture on the different types of cards that they make. It was pretty cool-looking, but the repeater cards are a different form factor (that's a fancy way the vendors have of saying "shape") than the ones that have been out in the field for the past few decades. There are two form factors currently in use, one for the RC-28D, not-so-affectionately called the "fat mux," after the size of the repeater cards*, and the one that fits all the DDM1000s, 828s and Fuji FLM 150s that are currently out there.

I'm not sure what they're going to be using them for, though, as this one seemed to be wired up to a bunch of different non-standard circuits. That Flashwave may have been set up as a Sonnet or something, but it did have a standard handoff over at the feeder, and the repeater cards that were in it were (oddly shaped) Adtran H4TUC cards, which are one of the four-wire T-1 cards we use as well.


Another poster is requesting everyone on her friends list post a little something about themselves and that this be passed on. It sounds like a good idea (I'll let megthelegend catch up later).

So there it is then. Give it a whirl or I'll track you down, go to your house and shave your pets.

I don't know what I'll do to fish if you have them, but I'll think of something heinous but non-lethal.

* The only thing suckier than having a fat mux is having a mux with no repeater shelf, like a Fox Box or an old DDM-1000. These things suck monkey nuts because you have to either terminate them on an RJ 48x, which is a block that causes an automatic loopback when you pull the plug out but can not be tested without a body present, or on a powered smartjack, which is a royal pain in the ass because those cards aren't easy to come by anymore.
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