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Proper Care and Feeding of Your LiveJournal

Going through my LJ in order to tag it was interesting. While I admit that it was an act of purest narcissism for me to do it, there are people who are, in fact, interested in some of the things I write about, and the tags give an easy way to index entries with those interests. I didn't tag personal things, with the exception of work on Ecology. Of course, because I ramble on forever, there are some entries which have three, four, sometimes even five tags. I'd gone through the Journal once before, for my Five Hundredth Post, but not with the same fine-tooth comb that I did this time.

There were times when I found myself grimacing at what I was saying over the course of the past two and a half years. Mistakes that I could see in the making, errors in judgement, first impressions that proved horribly wrong and just plain stupid shit that I've done. There are also the triumphant moments as well, accomplishments and just happy things happening. I must say that for all of the problems I've had over the course of the past two and a half years, I have on the whole maintained a positive outlook, and the fact that the journal mostly consists of me discussing that which interests me reflects this.

I didn't edit any of the text (although I did from time to time correct egregious formatting errors, such as the ones that force the Journal to display the raw code and whatnot) because I felt that seeing the process behind some of those mistakes was as important a lesson as making them in the first place. Having a record of my life for the past two tumultuous years was very valuable. Most of my journal plays out in public, a little of it is friends and filtered, but very little of it is private. I counted maybe five or six private posts that I've made, the content of which could probably easily be declassified now, but just as I didn't edit the text, I didn't change any other properties of the entry.

So, there it is then. For anybody who wants to read up on their favorite randomness, easy access is granted.

Does anybody know how to get a list of tags for somebody's journal? I can't seem to find a way to just list them (I can in the "Edit Tags" function or "Edit Tags on Entry," but only I can see those).

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