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You've come to Nottingham once too often...

I'm getting a letter of commendation being sent to my boss for a job I did today. The customer had a Shark, which I know very little about. It is a router on the end of a T-1; I am very knowledgable about T-1s, of course, but the Shark is an item that I have very little experience with. The router split the T-1 into dial tones and data. The dial tones were working, but the data was not. That ruled out any problem with the T-1 itself.

Well, the thing of it is that Verizon puts equipment out into the field before they start training people on them, so even though I had minimal training on the Shark, so did the people at the testing bureaus. What that boiled down to was that when I got the bureau on the phone, I went through three testers and two managers before somebody actually referred me to a different section of the company. Within five minutes of me getting the right guy on the phone, the customer was back up.

The customer's IT guy was impressed not so much by my technical knowledge (I didn't really do anything, the channel had an electronic soft loop on it that was dropped by the tester when he got into the circuit), but by my resolve and knowing exactly who to bitch out to get what I want, which is not an easy thing in this company. Mostly he was impressed by the attitude that I'll be able to fix this as long as can work with somebody who knews what they were doing.

So there.
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