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Capricorn One score...

The score for Capricorn One is one of my favorites by Jerry Goldsmith, though I've never seen the film. The album recording is very different from what appeared in the film, in fact Lukas Kendall of Film Score Magazine made the observation that it is a point of demarcation from the spare, harsher style that populated his work during the 60s and 70s, while the album represents the lusher, more melodic style that he would use in the 80s on.

I have the original album on a GNP Crescendo CD, paired with Outland, but Intrada is releasing a CD of the original soundtrack recording.

However, they still haven't shipped yet.

There is some speculation as to why this might be:

EddyD: I think the whole project is a hoax. Somewhere in the Nevada desert, three recording engineers are running for their lives...
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