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And what of it?

When tagging my journal, I found an entry made a few months ago about how I don't like my job very much. As should be apparent from more recent posts, this is not a sentiment that has lasted long. Much of the reason for why I felt that way at the time was because I was re-adjusting to the day-to-day aspect of the job; my time was almost all my own for so long, and I got to a place where I began to resent any outside control over that time. I was having a hard time re-adjusting to work, and I've found as I regained my confidence in my ability to handle whatever came my way, in one way or another, that I've been a lot less frustrated and more interested by it.

While I am obviously not content to work here forever, I actually do like many aspects of this job. I like the toys they give us to play with (this very laptop being the apothesis of that sentiment, of course). I like the fact that every job is essentially a puzzle for me to fit together. I like the fact that my abilities are recognized here. I love working in Manhattan, a place I've known all of my life but never fails to enthrall me with possibilities. Most of all, though, I like the autonomy. As the field technician, I am actually in many ways in control of a job, as the bureaus are (sort of) at my beck and call, and the vendors, exchange carriers, local contacts and customers all want me to do what I do well.

I'm not saying that it's all a bed of roses. Far from it. There are times when I don't like how I'm treated by people who just see a "phone guy" and there are jobs that suck and it gets really hot all the time, but overall, the good far outweighs the bad. I can have fun at this job. That's much more than I could say about working for Risk.

So that's the current state of things in that arena. We'll see how I feel after another two months and change of this night tour and when I go back on days...
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