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In early again...

I love it when customer contacts whom I had been trying to reach for over an hour before I sent a job back start bombarding my beeper in the hopes that it's not too late. We're only supposed to give them fifteen minutes, so it was as legitimate a CNR (Customer Not Ready) as anything. I once tried calling the customer back and trying to explain it, but they don't seem to understand that once I've sent a job back, it's not my problem anymore.

I finished Lumos Musica!, the remix of the Harry Potter album I made over a year ago. It was one of the first discs that I made with the system that I am still currently using, and I have since not only become more familiar with the programs and how better to use them, but I have also had much more time to consider what worked and what didn't work on the original CD. Plus, the cover art will be substantially improved. While I am normally averse to revising mixes I've already completed (I feel that The Philosopher, which was the first mix I was ever able to do crossfades and edits on, is something that hangs around my neck, weighing me down), in this particular case I felt my previous work was substandard. I am much, much more satisfied with the new album, both in terms of editing and program material. I'll be posting the revised track listing shortly. The entry for the old disc will be left up, but it will be taken off of my memories page and I'll be removing the my mixes tag.

I am interested to hear Patrick Doyle's score for Goblet of Fire. If you're going to have a successor to John Williams in a movie series, Doyle is a good choice, as he composes in a similar idiom, but has his own specific style. I only hope that he retains "Hedwig's Theme," even if only briefly, to maintain a certain amount of continuity in the film series.
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