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Revision of Official Opinion and ROTK

For a while, I was on the dodgy side about my opinion on the New York public smoking ban. My issue has been that I, having been a smoker for a decade before I quit on July 3rd of last year, was resisting turning into an anti-smoking Nazi. I hate that smug attitude of superiority that so many of my fellow ex-smokers have adopted.

I've decided to come off of the fence.

I have found New York to be a much nicer place now. Even before I quit, the cumulative effect of smoke in, say, a crowded bar, would sting my eyes and cause me to go for fresh air. Restaurants are immeasurably improved in atmosphere (literally).

I am therefore coming down fully in favor of keeping those rules in place. I may hate Bloomberg, but this is one thing that he has done that has improved the quality of New York life.


I checked out the Return of the King theatrical trailer... it doesn't overlap with the material on the DVD, and it...



In addition to how great the film as a whole looks, the theme for Gondor from The Fellowship of the Ring and the upcoming extended version of The Two Towers (the DVD shows Howard Shore conducting a bombastic version of this theme) shows up... perhaps this will be for Aragorn taking over Gondor.

He certainly gives a kewl pep-talk in the trailer.

It is so nice to be certain of at least one of this Winter's spate of films...
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