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Doug Adams Speaks

"Gimli, you just farted, didn't you?"

At long last, Doug Adams has given as much of an update as he can on the Lord of the Rings complete score releases due later this year.

Important points:

On the content:

If a piece of music appears in the DVD cut of Lord of the Rings, it will be on CD. If a piece of music was written for the Lord of the Rings and not used, it will be on CD. If a piece of music was written and used in Lord of the Rings but slightly edited in the film, the piece of music as originally composed, performed and recorded, will be on CD.

No dialogue will be included on the CDs. The only voices you’ll hear will be singing.

And yes, the music is in film order.

I believe that in the case of pieces written for the film, but left out entirely, these will be returned to their original spots in the narrative. Think in terms of the Smeagol vs. Deagol fight that turned up in its proper place on the Return of the King OST, but wasn’t heard in the film. There aren’t too many unheard goodies in Fellowship, but Two Towers and especially Return of the King have a number of them and they’re amazing.

Pieces written, but ultimately replaced with wholesale rewrites, would be more likely to be designated as “bonus materials.” The Fellowship OST version of the Prologue, for example, may be a good candidate – or perhaps the film version of the departure from Lothlorien which was replaced by a DVD piece.

I’m not able to talk about specific release plans, but no future release will feature “highlights.” These have been touted as complete releases, and complete they will be.

On his book on the scores:

It’s coming, too. It will be tied to the CDs somehow, and will begin coming out at the same time. That’s about all I can say for now. I’ve got a big deadline coming up soon, so I’m getting ready for crunch time! I’ll be giving a little preview of the text in Orlando, FL sometime in August (I forget the weekend), so if you’re really anxious…!

On the music itself:

I heard the rough assembly for Fellowship when I was in NY a couple of weeks back. It was all there and it was an absolutely jaw-droppingly amazing listening experience – completely different than listening to the single disc release. There’s a breadth to the writing [in the] score that I think can only be absorbed in this format. It completely envelops the listener in the narrative while highlighting the development and heart that’s made this such a unique endeavor from the start. Despite the fact that I’ve spent a healthy portion of the last few years surrounded by Lord of the Rings music, I was knocked over. It was so engrossing, in fact, that I was even able to ignore the pages of Shore’s Kong sketches sitting on the stand next to me! Well, mostly…

The Oscars get something right for a change.

I can't wait. We needs it, my precious, oh yes, we needs it...
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