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Yoinked from suitboyskin:

Harry Potter Meme of All Memes by Osaku
WandMaple, 12", Phoenix Feather
Best CourseHistory of Magic
Worst CourseSpell Theory
PetBurrowing Owl
PatronusMountain Lion
Quidditch JobMediwizard
Wizard CandyChocoballs
Profession After SchoolDeath Eater
Quiz created with MemeGen!

Netflix is fantastic, don't get me wrong, but unfortunately my night shift means I'm not taking advantage of it as much as I should. Before I go to work I usually have other things to do, and after I get home I'm usually too tired to watch a movie. As a result, even though I have put a lot of items on my queue, I'm getting through these discs rather slowly, squeezing in a viewing on a weekend here or there - although my time on weekends is similarly precious because it's the only time that my schedule coincides with anybody else's. However, I have made a resolution to start makin gtime for these DVDs. It's a shame to waste this service, especially when they're so prompt.
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