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Doing the Time Warp Again

Okay, there is an aspect of the night tour that is taking its toll. I slipped into the same kind of temporal imbalance that I had before I returned to work. Even though I am still working, I am once again alone most of the time, and time is once again passing differently for me that it is for other people. Not faster or slower, exactly... it's hard to explain. It's just something inherent in the passing of time is different.

I am, of course, quite capable of amusing myself, so I'm not exactly miserable. I have been a bit lonely, of course, but these past two years have gotten me used to that. I do miss having more time to spend with other poeple, but it's too terrible.

So, if I come across to anyone as being impatient about correspondance (and I know I have), that's why. I apologize to anybody who has been hit with this. I realize why this is happening and will try to be more conscious of it in the future.
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