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A nice trip to work today...

Not particularly interesting, really. It's just that I park my car near the stop that the bus drops me off at on the way home; it's a different bus than the one that I take into work on weekdays (for those who know and care about such things, I take the Q26, the other bus is the Q27). The bus stop that I actually get the bus at is right next to this large yard where there lives the most adorable old dachshund with big floppy ears and chocolate eyes. He's very friendly.

The buses were not exactly cooperative today, but I still got to work on time. While on the train, I started working on my thoughts on Buffalo Bill and the Indians to be posted later. I now have a LiveJournal client that allows me to prepare entries, so I can work on them for a while. I tend to save up my movie stuff to post a few at a time. The thing is that every time the train stopped at a station, there was an available wireless connection. I wonder what that's all about.

The LJ client reminded me that today is pnuttiness' birthday, so happy birthday to her. Please not that this is the first time I've actually used the thing since downloading it, so if I've missed anybody else's birthday, sorry. I'm terrible with birthdays, even my own (mostly because I forget, although the official reason is because I try to bury the date in my mind just in case there is a person who's into Astrology around who knows something about Occlumancy - I fucking hate Astrology with every fiber of my being).

I never charged my Nomad, so it's running low on juice. I need to conserve until I get home, mostly because since I installed the software on the laptop, I sometimes have done file management on it at work, without the power cord, which I never do at home. That's fine, though, I have just recieved the Battlestar Galactica mini-series DVDs and I mentioned a trip to the bookstore few days ago that I haven't gotten around to.

And my deepest sympathies are with dawnpillsbury.

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