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More than meets the eye...

I brought my laundry over to my grandparent's house today. I haven't been there in a while, and while they used to get some of my work related mail, I have long since corrected that so there should not have been anything at their house for me. There was, however, an envelope addressed to me with a big "Transformers" logo on it.

"You don't remember us, do you!?!

You bastard!!!

We Jews have to stick together!"

It was from the "Transfomers Collectors' Club," an organization I had no previous knowledge of any affiliation with. Now, I was into the Transformers when I was a kid, pretty heavily in fact. I followed them up until they started in with that Headmasters shit, and that was it for me. But I don't really collect toys, save for Alien merchandise, so I had no idea what this was all about.

I opened it and found an announcement of the 2005 Botcon in Dallas, and applications to be a dealer and all kinds of convention related stuff.


I have bought something from Botcon once. They had pressed a limited edition two CD set with a Vince DiCola concert on one disc, paired with the complete score from The Transformers: The Movie (sans the three score tracks that appeared on the Scotti Bros. official album) on the other. So they must have me on the books from when I ordered the albums.


That was, um, like, five or six years ago.


Oh, and the score from TF:TM, except for "Unicron's Theme" and variations, is strictly sentimental value only.

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