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I brought my grandparents over to my parents' house in order to celebrate their anniversary. This meant that I got to use the pool once again. Steve finally broke down and bought one of those robots that clean the pool, which is very nice considering that I never considered it particularly worthwhile to spend an hour and a half with the sun beating down on you like you owe it money while you clean the pool, only to spend maybe a half hour in the water. Now, however, the robot keeps the pool clean with minimum of effort (the thing was expensive enough, though) and so the pool is ever ready for use.

But what really makes it worthwhile is the fact that even though it's a nasty shade of 94° with thick, unbreathable air out, the pool water is a beautiful temperature. It has never been this perfect.

It's nice to take one of those foam noodles, which you can straddle and just relax.

It would be even nicer if I wasn't driving my grandparents home and could have a nip of something.
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