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Last night I had dinner with Art and Nate, and Art came over afterwards and we watched The Taking of Pelham One Two Three, which Art thoroughly enjoyed.

However, since I started making those backup copies of many of my DVDs to keep at work, my DVDs have gotten quite disorganized. All of the discs were out of place, few in the correct genre sections that I created for them (science fiction, fantasy, contemporary adventure, period adventure, comic book movies, drama, comedy, horror, special interest, drug movies and separate sections for Robert Altman, Stanley Kubrick, Quentin Tarantino and David Lynch*). However, as Art and I were going through my collection in order to decide what to watch (this is always a long process at my apartment), I took advantage of your sifting and got all the DVDs back into place. Now, everything is where it is supposed to be (except the discs on loan to Art, Nate and Raz) and I can find anything quite easily.

Similarly, the CD case I keep in my car was getting way too disorganized. While I could find something if I looked for it long enough, it was incomprehensible to anybody but myself. That was a particularly annoying situation because it meant that my passengers couldn't easily browse nor put anything back where it belonged. Furthermore, while classification is pretty easy, delineation of each section in the case was difficult. I therefore put the discs in an order that made sense and put little labels in the case to serve as a directory for the casual passenger in my car.

Now one of these days I'm going to have to do that with my CDs as well. That means buying a few new racks, actually, as the one that I kept rock in collapsed a few months ago and the two for film music have been full for some time now. Newer stuff was being tossed into where the DVDs were, now there's a single stack in front of the racks ("No human being would stack CDs like this").


* Hitchcock doesn't get a section yet because while I do own quite a few of his films of DVD, two of his most important works, Psycho and Vertigo, are still only available on inferior, non-anamorphic DVDs. When this situation is rectified, then I will create a separate Hitch section. I've been planning a Coen brothers section as well, but that would require taking The Big Lebowski out of the drug movies section, and I'm not sure I want to do that. Maybe when the special edition comes out...
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