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Monday again...

The thundershower that the meteorologists have been promising us for the whole week finally came last night, which was very nice because it finally cut through the stifling heat. Of course, now that we've had the rain, we won't be able to get rid of it for a few days (the clouds today are heavy, black and pendulous) and I have no doubt that it will quickly lose its novelty.

dotificus mentioned The Seventh Seal recently, and I think that it may be time for me to revisit some of my favorite Ingmar Bergman films, most of which I have on laserdisc... I just have to figure out where my DVD of Persona went (somebody borrowed it). That one is the one that I feel is the most searching, and while I've seen Robert Altman's takes on identity (Images and 3 Women) more recently, which have a heavy Bergman influence, I feel there is a poeticism that is unique to Bergman's film, while Altman's works were more gritty.

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Do you ever wonder when you haven't gotten any mail for a little while what you might be missing?
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