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Odds, evens and ends...

This was a silly link that Dave sent me. I found it annoying when I first started playing it, but it grew on me.


I got a strange e-mail today that I found in my junk folder. It purported to be from " Automatic Email Delivery Software <>" but for some reason it opened with the message, "The sender of this message,, could not be verified by Sender ID." Since Sender ID was invented by MicroSoft for the express purpose of verifying identity, it seems rather strange to me that a legitimate e-mail from a Hotmail service would do this. The body of the message read:
Dear user of,

We have found that your e-mail account was used to send a huge amount of
junk e-mail during this week.

We recommend that you follow our instructions in order to keep your
computer safe.

Have a nice day, technical support team.

I'm going to contact Hotmail through other means than this address to find out if it's legit.

I also got a call from my bank today verifying the last few transactions on my card. The real reason for this was because of the hotel room I reserved in Nantucket next month for Paul and Jessica's wedding. The rooms are damn expensive up there because it's peak wedding seasons. Paul never fails to throw one hell of a party, though.

There are some interesting things going on over at a_steep_hill's journal...

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