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This is rich!

Yoinked from the Great and Powerful suitboyskin:

Juggernaut Optimized for Scientific Harm and Ultimate Assassination

Mechanical Unit Fabricated for Forbidden Infiltration, Nocturnal Mathematics and Accurate Nullification

Biomechanical Artificial Construct Optimized for Nocturnal Battle, Infiltration and Thorough Sabotage

Synthetic Wireless Android Skilled in Hazardous Infiltration and Ultimate Sabotage

Quincy Jones

Today I recieved John Godey's novel The Taking of Pelham One Two Three (although I'm going to finish Isaac Asimov's The Gods Themselves before I start on that) and a CD with Quincy Jones' scores for In the Heat of the Night and They Call Me Mr. Tibbs. I really have to go on Amazon and give the respective sellers glowing feedback because I got both rather quickly.

I ordered the CD as part of the Funk 'n' Thrills project. I don't think that I'll be able to use any of the music on this album for it, though, because my mix is subtitled "The Urban Landscape," and this music, while certainly having a lot of funk and soul influences, is clearly set in the Deep South. I can think of few composers who could have handled this material better. Jones is best known as a jazz musician but he has a much wider creative range than that is gifted with a very keen sense of drama. I consider his score for The Pawnbroker to be one of the most effective dramatic film scores of its era (or any era, for that matter). I have no regrets about having ordered this CD at all, as the music is fantastic.

Delicious Weather

It has been agonizingly gorgeous out these past few days. It gave me the opportunity to putter around online outside on a park bench, which was very relaxing. Unfortunately, I have been using the laptop all day, and I found I was losing power. That's why I posted the raw entry before this edit cleaned it up. My cell phone was dying, too. I'm recharging everything.

Just chillin' with a few episodes of Dead Like Me, so if you feel like calling...
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