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As I'm going to Boston this weekend to help suitboyskin move, I'm preparing for a moderately long journey. I like doing that, as it puts a lot of your home priorities into a different perspective.

I found one of my old CD books from a few years ago, including a few "lost mixes," albums that I created for temporary or specific purposes. I found my two disc Jimi Hendrix set, which I am pretty proud of, for example. Obviously some of what I'm finding are better than others. I've been making mixes for a long time, but I only feel that I've only within the past few years have I reached a point where the results match my intentions. I culled through these and integrated them into my car CD book, which I am also putting track listings into to make it easier for my passengers to know what they're getting into.

I'm making backup copies of the Hendrix discs right now, one in the home computer, one in the laptop. I haven't tried using the laptop drive for overburning, and I don't think that the software it came with supports that feature, but that worked out because while disc two is 80:26, disc one is only 78:58... I like these and will be making a "lost mixes" post, including the track listing for this set, somewhat soon.
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