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Where's the Green Hornet?

I actually get a bit of my own space here this visit owing as to the extra bedroom that I now have at my disposal (there's a giraffe with a broken neck in the corner which is kind of freaking me out). If I leave the door open, Kato will come in and sleep with me for a little while. Eventually he goes somewhere else, but then he comes back. He's mercurial like that, though it seems JoAnn shut the door at some point in the night and this morning he delayed my shower for ten minutes with his demands of attention. Sure, I had to go get clean, but what Kato wants, Kato gets, Kato help us all.

Kato was rather interested in the laptop, with the effect of getting fur all over the screen. Cleaning the laptop screen with the wipey thing they give you while the computer is on is always interesting. You get to see things highlighted that never otherwise get highlighted.

You're probably wondering what the point of this post was. If this is the case, you are not alone. I, too, am confounded as to why I felt it necessary to blog any of this, but its burned into your memory now, so you're stuck with it.

GOVERNMENT WARNING: Seemingly inane posts on various public blog sites may contain subliminal mind control techniques in them.
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