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A bunch o' junk


I've been going through those "Lost Mixes" I found. As I indicated earlier, some of them are interesting and some of them are downright embarrassing. I was very pleasantly surprised, however, at a horror mix Douchebag asked me for few years ago called Fear!(he never listened to it; there's a reason we all call him "Douchebag"). It's a bit messy, but I listened to it on the way to suitboyskin's, and I enjoyed it. The disc itself is damaged, rendering a few tracks towards the end unlistenable, some of the transitions are a bit messy and the some of the selections were strange (I remember that he had asked me to include certain tracks, but I'm not sure now which ones), but overall it was pretty interesting. After I finish the Funk 'n' Thrills mix, I plan on redoing this one. In general, I'm not a big fan of retreading old ground, but the topic is worth more than the time that I had to put it together initially as I had a deadline, which was Hallowe'en... given the imminence of this holiday once again, I think it would be appropriate.

The Adventures of
Sidi Bombay

Last night I had the opportunity to show Mountains of the Moon, a film I've championed for years but that nobody has ever seen. It is a fascinating movie, perhaps its best element being Patrick Bergin's portrayal of Richard Francis Burton, one of the most interesting historical figures. The film is also worthwhile for its attention to detail and accuracy; while there are some aspects that are clearly extrapolative, they are consistent with what is known about Burton and John Hannings Speke. I've always been surprised that there aren't more films about Burton (his trip to Mecca would make a great story), but I guess the obscurity of this movie (no matter how good it is) is very telling.

The movie also gives credit to Sidi Bombay, who served on many expeditions. He has the distinction of being the first man to have crossed the continent both east and west and north and south, but he never got any academic credit. Google him, you won't get jack.

This is also the only film that I have thus far made a Netflix recommendation for, but I never got any feedback from the people that I recommended it to, so I was discouraged from bothering with that feature.
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