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Universal is re-releasing To Kill A Mockingbird and The Sting; the former is the first anamorphic transfer of the film, the latter is the first time the film has been available in widescreen at all since a short-lived VHS release a few years ago. I've avoided picking up both films because their DVD releases were not up to snuff, so I'm rather happy to see that be corrected, especially in the case of The Sting. Both have been given DTS tracks for some reason, but retain their original mono audio tracks.

Also interesting is a DVD release of Paris Is Burning, Jennie Livingston's examination of the New York drag queen scene; I saw the film in one of Royal S. Brown's classes entitled "Gender Benders" and it made a deep impression. The obligatory note: this has nothing to do with Is Paris Burning?.

Shatner Voice: T.J. Hooker... iscomingout too. Not that I intend to watch the show again, but Bill Shatner is always a hoot.
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