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Friday before a three day weekend...

Yup, I confirmed at work that the air card software does, in fact, interfere with the operation of the WiFi. I reinstalled the VPN without the WiFi adapter and it seems to be working just fine once again.

We're Getting the "WTF is That?" Vote

I Netflixed Tanner '88 and am on the first disc (the second is on its way as I type this)... the first thing I wanted to say here is that I think that I'd vote for Michael Murphy if he ran... but more than that, I really am enjoying it. It is fictional, but set during the 1988 Presidential election, scripted by Doonesbury cartoonist Garry Trudeau and directed by Robert Altman. Two great tastes that taste great together, with Trudeau's political eye meshing perfectly with Altman's chaotic but incisive camera; I'd love to see them work together again because Tanner '88 is cynical without being cruel. It's a mockumentary, and there are several actual political candidates that appear in the show; you'd never see this happen with Baby Bush because his image has to be so carefully crafted by his handlers.

Special note: Pamela Reed is outstanding in the show.

I remember the series being on HBO in 1988, but I never caught it (and probably would not have appreciated it if I had at the time), but I have very clear memories of that campaign, and the ultimate disappointments in both the Democratic primaries (I pegged Dukakis as unelectable, even though I thought politically he was a decent choice) and election proper. I came of age just in time for the next election, so my feelings of impotence wouldn't return until 2000.

Hold 'Em

After work last night, I went to my friend Chris' acoustic gig with his band Swinger Eight, and got a chance to see him and Chana again for the first time in quite a while. We retired to play some poker at their apartment in Brooklyn. I got home really, really, really late.

...and found that The Bronze Mist wasn't parked in front of my house. I nearly had a heart attack, remembering vividly the day that I found The Zen Room missing, having been towed because I had forgotten to pay the insurance on it. I knew that couldn't have been the problem with the Mist, of course, as I have been keeping on top of that sort of thing (once was enough). I was very relieved to recall that I had just parked it by the pizza parlor by the bus stop, where I got my lunch before setting off for work yesterday afternoon.

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