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Well, there were certain aspects of my hospital stay that were nicer than others. On the plus side, I was amused this morning by the fact that whosamama locked herself out of Steve's Toyota (they've switched the SUV for the Toyota because Steve only needs a station car and the Toyota is much more fuel efficient). I had to track down my grandmother because she had my keyring, which had the key for the Toyota on it, much to Mom's relief.

On the down side, the pain in my stomach yesterday morning was so intense that I couldn't enjoy the morphine. How much does that suck?

Once they managed to find a solution to my stomach pain, the stress and lack of sleep up until that point meant that I spent the rest of the day fading in and out of conciousness. From the outside, it just looked like I was falling asleep constantly. From inside, the effect was kind of like those scenes at the beginning of Bubba Ho-Tep when Elvis sees time passing elliptically, only without the swooshing sound effects.

My IV was the biggest pain in the ass, as I had to unplug it from the wall and drag it with me every time I had to take a leak, then drag it back out when I was done and plug it back in. Considering that the method of my treatment was to clean out my system, that meant going through this process just about every hour.

However, the fact of the matter is that the treatment was successful, and I've regained most of my appetite. This is only a problem in so much as that I really can't eat too many things. While I am definitely convalescing, I am still taking it easy right now. My chest is still a little sore from the heaving from the day before, and my face had broken out from the stress of all that, but otherwise, I'm feeling fine.

My brother was just watching Die Another Day. Why is it that in all the hotel rooms I've ever stayed in over the course of my life, I've never once had a sexy masseuse come up to my room complements of the manager named Peaceful Fountains of Desire?

I feel my life is poorer for that lack.
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