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"Why isn't the penguin exploding?" "Because there's a banana on the bottom."

No, I'm not sure exactly how that works either.

Anyway, for those that have expressed concern over the issue, I spoke to suitboyskin last night and got a moderately decent update of his current state.

He has fully moved into the new apartment and dropped JoAnn's key back with her wrapped in a sock (we were comparing her to Kreacher on my last visit - now she's free). Kato, who had disappeared for a little while, was only adjusting to the new environment by hiding under the dresser, but is otherwise just fine. He also seems to be getting along just fine with Leeloo, the other cat of the house.

His phone should be hooked up any moment; the delay was apparently caused by his CLEC (Competitive Local Exchange Carrier - as opposed to the Incumbent LEC, left by the carving of AT+T, such as Verizon - your bit of telephony trivia for this week), who were unable to roll over his old phone number to the new location. He's already been issued a new phone number. This means that he will be back on line and poisoning your minds soon enough.
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