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Holy Guacamole

Welcome Home, waystone

To my shock and horror, I have found that waystone has had an even worse time of it recently than myself (seriously). I was hoping to catch up with her on AIM tonight, but I guess she's getting her rest. Which she deserves, considering the week that she's had. Sheesh.

Non Sequiter

Oh, and I understand what whosamama was saying about the penguin not exploding because there was a banana... you see, she was trying to line up the penguin parts, and there was this banana part in the way... oh, never mind. It's too difficult to explain.

My Health

I am feeling fine. I'm just sick and tired of pretzels and I have no patience for the saltines. The broth is holding up well, though. Tomorrow I'm going to start on the "white diet" that my doctor recommended. That is, if it's white, I can eat it (although he was wise enough to mention that dairy products - i.e. cheese - were to be avoided, which is good because many cheeses are white and I like them very, very much). That means white meat chicken and fish and whatnot. I need to. I can't keep eating the same crap. It's so unsatisfying. Plus. I've noticed that there is a conspiracy to present me with as many food ads through the various media in my life as possible, whether on television, through the internet or simply posting billboards where they know that I'll see them... I've noticed this trend before on Yom Kippur.

If You Don't Know What This Is About,
It's Because You're Not On My Friends' List

That annoying conversation seems like such a distant memory, but from the perspective of plenty of time (from my point of view, anyway; I'm sure that waystone will agree a painful hospital stay tends to elasticize time), I can honestly say that I have no regrets. After all, I was very polite, which meant that I didn't ever use the term "boring." I want to thank everybody who chimed in to assure me that I was not being rude (blunt, but never rude), I really was feeling nasty about it when I did it. But I have no regrets now.

Mix Updates

I was waiting on a few CDs to arrive to get started on Funk 'n' Thrills, but if they're not at home when I get there, I'm going to commence on the project that was formerly my fencing mix. I've decided that I am uniquely qualified to make one entitled Swashbucklers!, and it is going to be a bit more varied in tone than what the fencing mix was originally intended to be, but I think that it will make a better listening experience. Yes, my newfound love Crossed Swords has a lot to do with it, and so I'm thankful to Lukas and Jeff and all the people at FSM not only for dusting off this gem, but for giving me the inspiration to allow Swashbucklers! (which is at the moment projected to be a two-disc set) to take shape. I'm not abandoning Funk 'n' Thrills. In fact, most of the work is done, I already have the bulk of the selections made, I just have to fill in the the tracks from the CDs on their way and sequence them.

I'm also considering doing a compilation based on the music from the different Planet of the Apes films. While Jerry Goldsmith's score for the first film was groundbreaking for its textures and sound manipulations, the sequels (two of which were scored by Leonard Rosenman, one by Tom Scott and another by Goldsmith) maintained an otherworldly sound. If I do decide to do this, I know it will be for my own amusement, because this would be the least accessible album I think I will ever have the opportunity to make. I make all these mixes for my own amusement anyway, but I do like to hear what people think of them. This is one that I think most people will turn off within the first five minutes because it is very experimental, and not what most people listen to music for.
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